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Oysters and truffles: the perfect "marriage", dedicated to lovers


There are over forty varieties of oyster, and at least one to suit every taste. At Bistrot Riccione you can enjoy the freshest, highest-quality oysters dressed by our chefs using the finest ingredients. Our oysters are sought after by oyster lovers across Italy.

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Fines De Claire

Marennes Oléron

marennes oleron
fine de claire

The Marennes-Oléron region is the most important oyster production site in France. This region has optimal natural conditions for oysters: pure waters and a large basin in the shadow of the island of Oléron which is fed with nutrients after the tide of tides. This combination produces particularly polished oysters. Huitres Fines de Claire Marennes-Oléron is an IGP brand.

Special De Claire

Marennes Oleròn

special de claire
marennes oleron

A selected oyster after ageing for its regular shape, its roundness and its thickness. At its tasting, the Claire Special is distinguished by the Fines de Claire for the most decisive consistency of its flesh and a remarkable balance between sweetness and salinity. Refined in the claire, in the deepest clayey basins, it allows you to acquire a high quality shell and a subtle soil flavour that goes on in the mouth that adds to its marine flavour. All of these components define it as Special Ostrich. Favoured by lovers of fleshy oysters and balanced flavours. Huitres Fines de Claire Marennes-Oléron is an IGP brand

Pousse en Claire

Marennes Oléron

marennes oleron
pousse en claire label rouge

Pousse en Claire is an outstanding oak oyster and pride of Marennes Oléron's oyster farmers who offer their prestigious label: Label Rouge. This is a concave oyster produced in limited quantities and reserved for a limited circle of customers. During its stay in the Claires (about 8 months) it reaches a high mass of meat and a refined taste, as well as the shape of the shell with the characteristic lace called lignes de pousse. Significant in the production of this excellence is that each oyster is picked by hand. A unique and unrivalled product.

San Teodoro


san teodoro

There is a world inside a San Teodoro oyster. Open it and feel the bright sun, the ocean breeze, the scent of the Mediterranean... and the story of an oyster grown out of passion, determination and imagination. The San Teodoro grows smooth and fast with an excellent relationship between pulp and shell, and a persistence in its long shell, like its history. More than a product of man, this is a product of nature.


Marennes Oléron

marennes oleron

One of the most popular brands in French farming is that of the Gillardeau family. This small family company founded 110 years ago by the sea near La Rochelle and the Île d'Oléron in western France produces only the most special oysters, most requested by top European chefs. From their origins to the present day, with the work and effort of four generations, the Gillardeau family has created one of the greatest treasures of the gastronomic world. These oysters are an authentic delight combining sweetness with salinity and tenderness. This is a concave oyster with extremely delicate innate qualities.

La Perle Blanche

Charentemaritime, Normandia

la perle blanche

The Perle Blanche is a special, refined and tasty oyster grown between Normandy and Charente Maritime. The Perle Blanche is the result of a combination of these rich lands. Its growth lasts from six months to a year in Normandy in breeding farms located in Utah Beach and for this reason it is an iodate-like oyster. Its maturation lasts for 3 weeks in the Marennes basins where the excellent quality of seawater permits Perle Blanche to become refined and soft of flavour.

Saint Vaast


sain vaast

Coming from the Lower Normandy area, this is an oyster with an unmistakeable hazelnut flavour. A rich, developed flavour, a quality of all oysters in the area.

Utah Beach


utah beach

This oyster comes from Utah beach, famous for the landing of Allied troops in Normandy during the 2nd World War. The peculiarity of this area is the ventilation that stops the shell growth in favour of the strength of the shell itself, as well as the meat inside that gives it a delicious and unique after-taste.


Baia Mont Saint Michel, Normandia


More than a century ago, these oysters were already a feature on the Tsar's tables in St. Petersburg, served for tasting alongside caviar and vodka. Thus, the symbols of the city of Cancale and the tsars of Russia have been put together under the same heraldry. Since then, Tsarskaya oysters continue to be cultivated and refined by the same producers, handing down their know-how from generation to generation leading to this unique product with its unforgettable taste.


Baia Mont Saint Michel, Bretagna


With a regular meat texture, the Cancale oyster is one of the speciality oysters of the Mont Saint Michel bay. Already beloved in ancient Roman times, with its rich flavour and the unmistakable taste of hazelnut. It represents the nobility and tradition of oysters.


Baia Mont Saint Michel
Irlanda Bretagna


This Irish-born oyster's name comes from the Gallic motto "Muirgen", the name chosen for this concave Irish oyster born and grown in a unique ecosystem. Once their optimum size is reached, they are transferred to the waters of the Mont St Michel Bay in France to be refined in the claires managed by the Pichot family that since 1920 have cultivated and refined the best oysters in the area.



riec surbelon

Queen of oysters. A known speciality of the oyster farmers in this region are these European flat oysters. It is from here that our Belons come, the most popular variety. When the oyster has reached maturity, it is brought to the river Belòn for finishing. Here it is refined for a year where it acquires a clear shell, velvety meat and a sweet hazelnut flavour.

Special Gauloise


special gauloise

Gauloise oyster (Gallica) is a very special oyster. The product is selected in the best breeding farms in Brittany and then harvested in the waters of the Belon River precisely in Riec sur Belon. The ageing lasts about three months and the density is 10-15 oysters per m²,
It is a very fatty oyster, with a flavour that becomes sweet in the mouth - almond like in flavour. This valuable oyster is one of the best in all of Brittany.

Ostra Regal

Irlanda Francia

ostra regal

Born and raised in Bannow Bay, southern Ireland and in the pristine waters of Connemara north of Ireland, Ostra Regal is of exceptional characteristics, polished meat and the perfect balance between soft and sweetness. These peculiarities are due to the traits of the bays where they are grown, which favours the collection of planktons and sedimentation of minerals, essential nutrients for the oyster. The end of the cycle ends in France where they are purified and prepared for marketing at the Benoît et Cédric brothers' firm, which boasts a centenary history in the rearing of the precious shell.


Laguna di Thau, Mediterraneo


The specificity of Bouzigues's oyster lies in the breeding. The Thau lagoon, with its exceptional nutritive richness, gives oysters optimal conditions of development and quality of the pulp. Oysters are grown one by one, over a rope, very carefully, allowing them to blossom freely under the poles where they are suspended. Formed concave, generous in flesh, they have a subtle iodized and crunchy flavour, with hazelnut and mushroom aromas.


Laguna di Thau, Mediterraneo


A product of the highest standard, this is bred in the Mediterranean using technology that reproduces the effect of ocean tides. This system allows to extract oysters from water throughout their life cycle and at a frequency determined by the results of a long experimental phase as well as climatic conditions. The colour of the shell becomes pink and the oyster inside reaches a remarkable level of meatiness. The taste is firm and iodinated initially, becoming sweeter.

Oyster scale table

Ostriche concave

  Peso / unità
n°0 da 150 gr. in su
n°1 da 111 gr. a 150 gr.
n°2 da 86 gr. a 110 gr.
n°3 da 66 gr. a 85 gr.
n°4 da 46 gr. a 65 gr.
n°5 da 30 gr. a 45 gr.

Ostriche piatte

  peso / unità
Pied de cheval da 300 gr. in su
n°00000 da 181 gr. a 299 gr.
n°0000 da 121 gr. a 1809 gr.
n°000 da 101 gr. a 120 gr.
n°00 da 91 gr. a 100 gr.
n°0 da 81 gr. a 90 gr.
n°1 da 71 gr. a 80 gr.
n°2 da 61 gr. a 70 gr.
n°3 da 51 gr. a 60 gr.
n°4 da 41 gr. a 50 gr.
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